Welcome to Your Spiritual Home:

Our Sunday morning service…

is an opportunity to consider what is of deepest value to you. It is a communal activity – because we best discover meaning when in company with others – but we also share in a ‘companionable solitude’ as we journey together towards the sacred, the holy and the divine. You set your own level of involvement and are free to interact as little or as much as you wish.

Doors open at 10.00am for a 10.30 start. All services are live-streamed online via zoom

There are times of reflection and prayer, themed readings, contemporary poetry and ancient scriptures of many sources, beautiful live music, and periods of silence. We usually conclude this time of devotion by 11.30 and you’re welcome to share time over a coffee or tea afterwards if you wish to.

On Wednesday

…we share a space for reflection, poetry, music and silence. We open our doors at noon for a 12.30 half-hour contemplative service designed for a working lunchtime and combining prayer and mindful silence. A sanctuary in the busy week. We always conclude by 1.00pm to make it easy if you need to return to your daily activities. You’re welcome to tea and coffee after the service.