Three Acres and  Cow: the people’s history of England in folk song, story and poem.

Mill Hill Chapel City Square, Leeds

Three Acres And A Cow’ is a history of land rights and protest in folk song and story. The show connects the Norman Conquest and Peasants’ Revolt with current issues like the housing crisis, reparations, climate breakdown and food sovereignty via the Enclosures, English Civil War, Irish Land League and Industrial Revolution, drawing a compelling...



Mill Hill Chapel City Square, Leeds

Debut album from Leeds-based folk singer and songwriter. ‘Hallival’ is inspired by natural landscapes, scientific discoveries, equality, human relationships and the supernatural, all tied together by a strong sense of place and a love for being in wild places - creating something truly special.

£5 – £10

John Francis Flynn

Mill Hill Chapel City Square, Leeds

John Francis Flynn is a singer and multi-instrumentalist whose work centres around traditional and folk material from Ireland. He is a founding member of the band, Skipper’s Alley, with whom he has toured extensively throughout Europe and America.


Joshua – And Me

Mill Hill Chapel City Square, Leeds