Welcome to a progressive, inclusive community offering a fresh approach to the sacred.

Unitarianism is a wisdom tradition which seeks to approach the sacred in participation and worship.

Unitarians recognise that the spiritual life cannot be precisely defined but should aim to be inclusive and compassionate.

Nourished by the deep springs of  Judeo-Christian tradition, we value other religious and spiritual traditions as well as scientific and secular sources.

We acknowledge the role of reason and scientific method in developing a greater understanding of the real world and we also recognise that materialistic rationalism cannot hold all the answers to the great questions of life – which is why we cherish the spiritual resources of our religious inheritance, the inspired contribution of the arts, and ways of being which are compassionate, generous, considerate and gracious, seeing in them evidence of the ‘divine spark’ which exists in all life.



Mill Hill Chapel is a member of the General Assembly of Unitarian and Free Christian Churches.
Unitarianism is a creedless theological denomination which emphasises freedom of conscience and affirms the inherent worth of all without regard to age, ability, race, sexuality or gender identity. With roots in the Judaeo-Christian tradition it acknowledges the validity of other approaches to the Divine and sacred. Throughout our history Unitarians have witnessed for civil and religious liberty, the individual right to determine the truth, and social justice.


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